For over four months our team at READ for Life, which has now joined forced with the team at Connect Education Centre, has presented over 275 education radio lessons to listeners. It’s a pretty awesome achievement and it’s not over yet!

So last Friday we took some time to take a short pause to celebrate! We spend an afternoon playing trivia games (with rounds like: who made that sound effect on the radio? Spell these made-up words; or name that phonics song); eat some incredible cake (after taking selfies with it); speeches; a poem and fellowship.

By the end of the day my cheeks were sore from laughing and smiling so much!

Below are some photos from the afternoon, and the poem I wrote for the day:

The schools are closed and children at home
With nowhere to go, there’s no need to comb 
So we jump to the need and go on radio
Are they learning from home? We’ll never know 
But we keep walking blindly, it’s all for the children
We put on headphones and prepare for the lesson

Teaching reading, writing, mathematics and advice for parents
And reading stories about prisons, rabbits, longs and bear hunts
We teach pronunciation while we work on our own 
And who do we read to? It’s just our phone
We politely disagree with commercial breaks and a stubborn presenter
While we give notes and hand signals to our opposite member

But the children call in and answer our questions
And those presenters start listening to our suggestions 
Four months on, they’ve got to be learning!
What an incredible job before they start returning
Thank you for being flexible to learn something new
Like saying on the radio, how do you spell oo? 

I’m grateful for all your work in this time
From here, there’s only one direction, and that’s to climb!


Teacher Reagan being awarded with a chocolate bar – his prize for being on the winning trivia team!


Believe it or not – this is a cake! And it tasted delicious.



Teacher Dickenz being awarded with a certificate for the most improve and most creative story reader on radio.

group photo radio

Staff from Connect Education Centre and READ for Life who have been bringing our radio lessons to life and learning to the homes for the past 4 months. 

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  1. Jan Buchanan says:

    Hello Jody! Congratulations on having completed all those radio lessons! Fun to see the pictures of the celebration. That cake is amazing, with all the details on the radio and the mike! Who’s the talented baker/decorator?

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