Dan’s local library has opened! However membership is restricted to the 25 children who regularly attend his ‘lessons’.

Most people reading this page know that schools in Uganda have been closed since March, and it doesn’t look like they will open soon. About six weeks ago Dan started to ‘teach’ the children across the road. We are aware that schools are closed and not allowed to open, but this isn’t normal school. Each afternoon Dan and his assistant, Myron, walk over the road with a radio, slates, chalk, a storybook and stickers of course!

Dan helps to maximise the impact of our radio lessons for our neighbours by taking over a radio (which they don’t have), and some slates so the children can write when instructed by our team over the radio. They participate actively in all aspects of the radio lesson and often call in to answer some questions on the radio! There’s a little extra revision added by Dan after the radio program finishes along with teaching maths facts and another storytime session on top too!

The latest addition to this unconventional class is his book borrowing system. Each child has been issued with a book bag and a book at roughly their level to read. They must read the book to Dan before they are allowed to borrow a new one. Thankfully we have quite an extensive home library of books, and now they are being read by a much wider audience!


Some of the ‘book bags’ for our neighbours. 

Class pic Dan

Children actively answering questions during the radio program. 

class pic Dan 2

Deep in concentration… 

Dan class carry bits

Teacher Dan and Teacher Myron return from one of their ‘lessons’ across the road. 

Dan class pic 3

The only chair on display in the compound is reserved for… the radio! 


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