Unterrheiner PhotosWell… what do you want to know about us? We have been married for 21 years. In 2017 we adopted little Myron Kimara – a talkative and energetic member of our family who brings great joy to us everyday. Dan grew up in a small coastal area in Valla, Australia, whilst Jody grew up in a more rural area called Junee in more central New South Wales.

We were married in sunny Nambucca Heads (NSW Mid North Coast) where Jody worked as a journalist for the local rag (Guardian News) and Dan tried his hand at a whole host of practical things such as food quality control, farm labourer and paint/hardware retail. We moved to London a little over 10 years ago where we ‘took the boy out of the country’ and absolutely loved our new life there! We met some pretty amazing people and also learnt a lot about ourselves and the world. Dan predominantly worked as a painter-decorator whilst Jody dabbled with a range of temping work before retraining to be a primary school teacher. She worked for two years at a west London primary school and absolutely loved it!

We packed our bags and headed off to Uganda early 2013 to begin our adventure serving the people of Gulu. We laughed a lot, cried a lot and… well learnt a lot. Dan was the project manager of a small charity, whilst Jody predominantly taught in the local government primary school.

Whilst we juggle homeschooling with our other commitments, Myron is also a ‘regular’ at our education site and has made many appearances on our education radio shows and even helped with our phonics pronunciation DVD.

Well… after a bit of a break from the ‘Pearl of Africa’ we returned and have been here ever since! Check out the What’s Dan up to? and What’s Jody up to? pages to read more about what we are both up to.

Thanks for reading!

Dan and Jodes x

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  1. Jake and Leila says:

    We hope you will have a nice journey on the plane to Uganda and we will miss you. Jake and Leila

    • Hi Jake & Leila,
      Thanks for letting us stay in your house and for letting us eat some of your Christmas sweets – even a Life Saver from Leila and a Lindt from Jake – very generous! We miss you guys too and hope to Skype in Uganda. The lego luggage label is on our bag! Love Dan and Jody x

  2. Hazel says:

    Looking forward to reading more – so glad you guys are enjoying it, it sounds like the learning is going both ways xxxx

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