Thank you to our team of faithful friends and family who are praying for us!

We hope to regularly update this page to make it easier for you…

Prayer requests

  • We have applied for a visitor visa for Myron to visit Australia with us over the Christmas period and to attend Dan’s sister’s wedding. Pray for an efficient process with a visa at the end! Dan’s sister is getting married on December 8, the clock is ticking but we would still love to make the wedding!
  • Please pray for a volunteer teacher who would be able to come and help in 2019. Our work is expanding significantly so we would love a teacher, preferably experience working in the younger years, to come and help mentor our local teachers, and to work on some teacher training notes. If you know of anyone interested, please let us know. Looking for someone for all of 2019 if possible. 
  • Funding for 2 projects we are working on with READ for Life: the printing of our phonics readers; as well as continued funding for our teachers.
  • The Ministry of Education head office is being difficult with our registration for the nursery teacher training college. Pray for smooth processing of our application.

Praise points:

  • We have just completed reading assessments in 85 primary schools in Gulu. This was a pretty big effort! We are now inputting results and then analysing them – this will help to inform priorities for next year.
  • Jody just finished her last university assignment for her Masters in Education. A huge relief and load off her shoulders now!
  • Praise for funding which has come through for a teacher training DVDs.
  • The National Curriculum Development Centre Director came with her small team on October 24/25. It was a wonderful visit, which included two school visits and observations of lessons. Great discussions and lots of strategic conversations for the future.

(Updated November 19th, 2018).


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