Thank you to our team of faithful friends and family who are praying for us!

We hope to regularly update this page to make it easier for you…

Prayer requests

  • For our two daily radio programs – that they would have wide reach and children would be able to learn whilst schools are closed across the country (potential for hundreds of children to learn).
  • For parents who will tune into the two radio programs, that they would be equipped to help teach their children from home.
  • For recording that has started for another district (Amudat) and is proving very challenging to conduct the pre-recordings and get the material done in time (many of the issues out of our control!).
  • For food security: that our neighbours, community and residents in Gulu will not go without food during this period of lockdown while many have no work.
  • For homeschooling Myron and juggling work responsibilities.
  • Wisdom for the leaders of Uganda!
  • Health and safety as we move in this time (and also as theft and crime may be on the rise!)
  • REST!

Praise points:

  • That we have two radio shows every day! And one show started one week after schools closed!
  • We are working on another radio program that has already started in another district (and sending them the recordings).
  • We have a team of great teachers at READ for Life who are helping to creatively respond to the education needs during school closure and lockdown.
  • Cycles Connect donated three bicycles to help our staff members reach radio stations.

(Updated April 29th, 2020).

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