Thank you to our team of faithful friends and family who are praying for us!

We hope to regularly update this page to make it easier for you…

Prayer requests

  • Pray that Myron handles the changes well for our visit and time in the UK.
  • We would love an expat teacher (mentor) to help mentor and guide our team of teachers at our parent-led school (homeschool co-operative) where Myron attends. Several missionaries serving in Gulu send their children here. I have managed to organise three of our student teachers (two graduates) to work at the school, however they still need a lot of mentoring! We would love the quality of education to improve so parents don’t have to homeschool their children and can stay to serve in Uganda.
  • Funding for our teacher trainers and expanding our team of staff at READ for Life.
  • For a couple more mentors to join us at our teacher’s college. We have had a couple of volunteers leave and a gap is there at the moment.
  • For wisdom on how to help support government primary schools which seem resistant to change and where reading levels are actually dropping at the moment! Training certainly does not mean implementation (unfortunately).

Praise points:

  • We are visiting the UK! Excited about this time of reconnecting with old friends, colleagues and church members.
  • We have safely arrived in the UK, and so far Myron is settling in smashingly! Praise God for that!
  • We have completed our annual reading tests! 98 schools tested and data is now being analysed. We are excited to see some very big progress being made from some schools.

(Updated December 15th, 2019).

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