Thank you to our team of faithful friends and family who are praying for us!

We hope to regularly update this page to make it easier for you…

Prayer requests

  • We are gathering documents for the registration of our new nursery teacher training college (early childhood training). This can be challenging, particularly as we gather reports from government departments.
  • For a police report we need for Myron (the original report from when Myron was found). Police wrote this report about 2 years ago; we have the file number but not the report – we need it before we can get Myron’s birth certificate and passport.
  • Please pray for a volunteer teacher who would be able to come and help in 2019. Our work is expanding significantly so we would love a teacher, preferably experience working in the younger years, to come and help mentor our local teachers, and to work on some teacher training notes. If you know of anyone interested, please let us know. Looking for someone for all of 2019 if possible. 
  • Funding for 2 projects we are working on with READ for Life: the filming of a set of demonstrate videos and printing of our phonics readers; as well as continued funding for our teachers.

Praise points:

  • We have hired a new supervisor for READ for Life, Teacher Beatrice – and she is amazing! Loving how she is helping to lead us and settling in so well. Blessed to have her join our team!
  • We are extremely encouraged by our nursery student teachers who are in the field for their first short placement (child study placement). They are doing us proud and it is reaffirming why we have started the college here.
  • We have started to receive some donations to help cover the costs of our teacher salaries. Thank you! But still need to receive more, as well as general funds for runnings costs. Thanks for your support and generosity!
  • Our second phonics readers are on the table in front of us! We now have Set 1 and 2 phonics readers; just need to get them into schools!

(Updated July 11th, 2018).


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