There was movement around the city, for the word had passed around, that the team from READ for Life were on their way,
Bearing stories to read aloud and books to give away, we were eager to start festivities for DEAR Day (15th).

Cars were hired, speakers docked, radio airtime booked, school children ready for the stories to begin,
25 schools visited, 2 mobile vehicle teams, market vendors, city dwellers, show appreciation with a grin

The grin turns to a wide smile, hands shoot up, eagerly answering questions posed about the character or plot,
They predict what will happen next, in the classroom, market, village and a prime-time radio spot!

Another DEAR Day passes, edging closer to a reading culture and teachers and families who value a good read.
It might seem like one day a year, and it is according to the calendar, but to us DEAR Day is a mighty big seed!


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  1. Jan Buchanan says:

    Hi Jody. It looks like it was quite a day, a big seed indeed! So encouraging to hear about it and see the pictures. And I liked your take-off of The Man from Snowy River–brilliant!

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