And the wait continues…

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.
Leo Tolstoy

Today we waited outside the judge’s chambers for our adoption ruling. Five stories later we were told that the judge had not prepared the ruling documents so we should return next Friday, 23rd March. Learning a lot about patience during this time.



Preparing for court…


Reading material: check! Ready for waiting…

What do you think about in secret?

Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 9.54.45 pm copyWhen there is nothing that you have to do and there’s no work pressing, what do you think about? And when you are in secret, what do you do with your solitude?

Those two questions kept on surfacing during a cracking (and challenging) sermon by Timothy Keller. Nope he didn’t make a guest visit to Gulu; it was courtesy of iTunes in our cosy house group.

One of the central themes of the sermon was the primacy of praise and how praise/adoration frames our thinking. I could talk more about it but… listen for yourselves (click here), it’s outdated in recording but not in content. And Keller says it way better than I ever could (I need to listen to it a couple more times).

And when I had a whole day to myself today what did I do? Crank out three lesson plans and take some notes for a new training. Great use of my time, well… in some ways. I’m challenged to look at my priorities and how I balance them. It starts now! Thanks to a recommendation from Ellie Tatton and a long-overdue Diane Parsons’ recommendation I finally got a Kindle version of  this devotional book: Choose Life: 365 Readings for Radical Disciples by Simon Guillebaud. Only three months in but… let’s go!


Changing our weekends…

Many of our friends and relatives have given us advice to change our weekend – and this week we finally did it properly! Dan and I both teach on a Saturday (I teach at our nursery teacher training college and Dan teaches the piggery course at The Recreation Project); so instead of having a Saturday and Sunday weekend, we are having a Sunday and Monday weekend. And what do you do on a Monday in Gulu?

  • I went for a jog this morning
  • We went to the abandoned train carriage (which locals call scrap metal) at the Gulu Railway Station (which potentially hasn’t been used in at least a couple of decades)
  • We go out for ice cream at our favourite ice cream place in town to find there was no ice cream left (still on it’s way from Kenya). So… had cupcakes instead.
  • We pick out a few children’s DVDs from our favourite DVD shop in town. Just after we pick them out and the lady goes to copy them (only way to buy DVDs in Gulu); the power company cut off the shop’s power for not paying their bills. We tell her we will return later to collect them…
  • Dan and Myron head on a bike ride.
  • Myron and I bake some biscuits… and the day is not over yet!

It’s a flexible lifestyle living in Uganda 🙂





The date journey…

So: The date/calendar journey continues.

We have another court date for our adoption ruling: this coming Friday, March 16. Our patience level is at optimum level, so… will see what happens 🙂

Also had a very positive meeting with Gulu District government officials and some big education partners. Having another meeting this coming Wednesday on the possibility of starting a trial working with some schools in Gulu District. Very promising! Keep you all posted!


Isn’t technology amazing!

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 3.15.08 amSuper blessed to be able to ‘attend’ my brother’s wedding in Sydney thanks to FaceTime and internet that was actually working to a quick enough speed between 2.30am and 3.20am this morning 🙂

Isn’t technology flipping awesome! However I clearly was not dressed for the occasion…

Congratulations Glen and Bron and thanks Jono for being my FaceTime buddy!

Screen Shot 2018-03-03 at 3.15.00 amScreen Shot 2018-03-03 at 3.04.04 am

Ruling delayed

Just a quick update for those following. The judge for our adoption hearing has been caught up with other business in Kampala so he won’t be returning to Gulu tomorrow for our ruling. We will be issued with another date. Let you all know soon when that will be…

Meeting happened!

date-for-your-diary-devizes-area-board-meetingWell… today’s meeting with the local chairperson (LC5) was the most efficient meeting I have ever been to in Uganda! Catherine and I shared about our work, the LC5 listened attentively, then responded in a really positive manner. He was supportive and encouraging; eager to set up another meeting to discuss issues through with the District Education Officer and other larger education partners. We are hopeful that we will be able to extend our work into Gulu District to help many more teachers and pupils.

We have been requested to return on Monday to make a presentation. So… back again to the planning stages and ready for another meeting next week!

So another date for the diary… just after this Friday when we return to the court house for our adoption ruling. As always… prayers please 🙂


Another important meeting…

ImportantDateI have posted a few times in the past about important meetings. Some happen, some don’t. There’s another one tomorrow morning, if you are the praying type, then please pray about it.


My colleague Catherine and I have been asked to go to a meeting with one of the local leaders (LC5) – pretty much the highest leader for Gulu District. And what’s on the agenda? Primary school education in Gulu district and how we can help improve it. My lovely friend Tessa choreographed the meeting – a pretty radical Kiwi volunteer who is in Gulu working with local government.

So far our READ for Life team has been working very closely with Gulu municipal primary schools – there’s about 75 primary schools in Gulu municipal, and that means the schools in town, within a few kilometres from the centre of town. Gulu District, however, is the wider area within Gulu and includes more than 200 primary schools and certainly schools that need a LOT of support with results much lower than municipal schools and a much higher demand for teacher training.

Please pray that the meeting will happen! That the LC5 will make it. That we can share honestly and openly with him about the challenges teachers and children face here within education and how we can equip and empower teachers to improve education in Gulu District. It’s the first step, but hopefully a great one!

Court day today!

We just leftCourt the local courthouse in Gulu for Myron’s adoption hearing. When we arrived and met our lawyer we were told there was a notice up stating that our judge was only seeing criminal cases and urgent matters. Nevertheless, we went up and waited outside the judge’s chambers with our lawyer to see if we could be seen today.

Myron did some pretty incredible waiting and eight storybooks later we were ushered into the judge’s chambers. The judge explained to us that there was a backlog of criminal cases and he wanted to try and clear a lot of that. Our lawyer pleaded that we could be seen today then the judge agreed that we could come back in one hour and wait. So we did. Another few storybooks later… we went inside with our lawyer and the probation officer and the hearing began. It was very formal, our lawyer ran through all the main points and documents with the judge asking questions.

It all seemed to go very well, the judge told us to come back next Friday (March 2) for the ruling and on our way out told us to try and get Myron a sibling and to keep him well. So I think we are a little confident about the ruling! Thank you to all our friends for your prayers and thoughts!