READ for Life donations

Thank you for being willing to support our work in teacher training with READ for Life.

UK residents:

You can log on to our online giving through Stewardship. Click here to set up a one-off or monthly payment.
Alternatively, you can download the Stewardship application form, complete it and post to their offices in the UK. Click here to download.

Australian residents:

You can log on to the Global Development Group and set up tax deductible donations online. Click here for online donations and just make sure it is for project ‘J970N – Teacher Training in Northern Uganda’.
You can also make donations through Paypal by clicking here:
Please contact us for details for direct deposits or cheque deposits.

US residents:

Tax deductible US donations to the work of READ for Life can be made through Global Development Group. Click here to donate with a credit card/PayPal or click here for online Bill Pay. Checks should be made payable to Global Development Group USA. Include a note with the donation details (date, amount, project number (J970N) name & email/ address) and Post to: Global Development Group USA Inc. 120 Hiwassee Circle, Reliance TN 37369 USA


EU residents: 

European Union residents can make donations to the work of READ for Life through Global Development Group’s Paypal service, click here

New Zealand residents:  

We are able to accept donations from New Zealand through the Global Development Group. However currently they are not tax deductible. If you would like to make a donation you can give via Paypal/Credit card by clicking here or instructions for setting up a direct deposit are here

Personal donations

Dan and I are volunteering here in Uganda which means… we need help to live! We have some pretty awesome people who give us donations to help pay our rent, buy some food, just the day to day bits to get by really! Donated funds also go towards our projects, to help us run these and do things on the ground that we believe we are called here to do 🙂

If you are unsure about what exactly we are doing or would to ask us any questions, please feel free to drop us a line, we would love to fill you in.

If you wanted to make a personal donation just for Dan and I, then you can make a donation to our bank account using Paypal. Click the link below. If you wanted to set up a standing order just for us and our work, let us know, so we can look out for it.


Donate Button with Credit Cards

Any questions, then just drop us an email in the Contact Us page and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Apwoyo Matek (thank you very much!)

Dan, Jodes and Myron x

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