11073519_792886157470215_8556096730341078746_oI am working with an American charity called ‘The Recreation Project‘ (TRP). It was founded by a Christian psychotherapist (Ben Porter) and helps in the process of trauma recovery – it is one of the most powerful and effective methods for teaching trust, self-belief, and hopeTRP uses a guided ropes course and outdoor adventure excursions as tools for learning. Young people who come to TRP encounter a radical change of scene that removes them from their daily routine and allows them to think new thoughts and use imagination to overcome obstacles at the ropes course and in their lives.

I am heading up the agricultural department and working with young people from the local church and surrounding area. TRP has aspired to have a holistic approach with all the activities that happen: the aim of all the activities is to bring about a healing of minds and hearts. So adding to that, we wanted to give them something to do with their hands. Agriculture is such a vital part of the community and wellbeing of people out here but unfortunately is looked upon as being only for the uneducated ‘village’ people. We are trying to shift this thinking and to show how agriculture can be profitable in an urban setting. We are specialising in a piggery and small-scale vegetables under irrigation; hopefully at an affordable price. Along with a local trainer, we are trying to teach and encourage business and marketing skills where the students can create an outlet and sell their own produce. I am also trying to raise funds via the piggery to help make the psycho-social side of the project sustainable. 

Here’s an outline of what my plan is:

Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 11.54.42 pm


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