Gulu is about 320km (seven hours) north of the Ugandan capital, Kampala.

Gulu Uganda MapThe population of Gulu is about 150,000, and is mostly made up of the Acholi people. The Acholi people speak Luo – the local language dialect. There are more than 40 local languages in Uganda, therefore English is the only common language which allows all the country’s inhabitants to communicate to each other.

The equator runs through Uganda, making it a very hot, humid country with wet and dry seasons, rather than four seasons (it is just hot all year round!)

Uganda, situated in East Africa, is land-locked, and borders South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Kenya, and Tanzania.


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  1. agnes says:

    Hello, just tried to look into your website.just letting you know my computer skill is only pretty basic. I was reading the post cards I got from Denna little while back before I went to bed last night. and today you were both in my mind. take care. as you know we at Stuarts Point church group gets updated to what you do over there. love and peace .agnes sorry I don’t do FBk, BLOG, TWITTER,etc.i just don’t know what to do and also work and work inside and outside home fill up my days

    • Hello Agnes, Many thanks for your kind message. It is encouraging to hear that Stuarts Point Church still get updated on what we are up to and are interested in our work here. I do hope you are going well, it does sound like things are very busy for you!
      No worries about not using Facebook, Twitter, etc; certainly things that sap up our time!
      Thank you again for your encouragement.
      Jody x

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