Schools are closed in Uganda. They have been closed for more than 3 months, and we are not quite sure when they will open again. Whilst READ for Life has been hitting the studio every day to teach children over the radio, Dan has decided to teach a little more locally – across the road. Each day Dan and Myron walk over with a box of mini chalkboards, a couple of storybooks, a small speaker with some phonics songs and some stickers for motivation!

And… after 5 lessons, he is starting to see some progress!


Dan teaching the children in our neighbourhood how to read. 

Dan Myron teaching

Dan and his assistant teacher, Myron, on their way back from lessons! 

Dan students

A few of the learners. 


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  1. Shirley says:

    How brilliant is that?? really are THE MAN! And respect amd THANK YOU.x

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