We just leftCourt the local courthouse in Gulu for Myron’s adoption hearing. When we arrived and met our lawyer we were told there was a notice up stating that our judge was only seeing criminal cases and urgent matters. Nevertheless, we went up and waited outside the judge’s chambers with our lawyer to see if we could be seen today.

Myron did some pretty incredible waiting and eight storybooks later we were ushered into the judge’s chambers. The judge explained to us that there was a backlog of criminal cases and he wanted to try and clear a lot of that. Our lawyer pleaded that we could be seen today then the judge agreed that we could come back in one hour and wait. So we did. Another few storybooks later… we went inside with our lawyer and the probation officer and the hearing began. It was very formal, our lawyer ran through all the main points and documents with the judge asking questions.

It all seemed to go very well, the judge told us to come back next Friday (March 2) for the ruling and on our way out told us to try and get Myron a sibling and to keep him well. So I think we are a little confident about the ruling! Thank you to all our friends for your prayers and thoughts!

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  1. Diane Parsons says:

    Great news will continue praying for the final papers to be confirmed. Liked his comment! Well done for all of your patience especially Myron sounds like a good day for books! Love you all Di & Mark

    • Thanks Mark and Di, appreciate your thoughts, prayers and love! Certainly was a good day for books 🙂 And in the afternoon – he crashed after lunch. Then after a run around we gave Myron the option of a treat: go to town for ice cream, go to a playground or watch a DVD on the wall – DVD on the wall 🙂 The Gruffalo movie, then some of the Jungle Book. Miss you guys! xxx

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