ImportantDateI have posted a few times in the past about important meetings. Some happen, some don’t. There’s another one tomorrow morning, if you are the praying type, then please pray about it.


My colleague Catherine and I have been asked to go to a meeting with one of the local leaders (LC5) – pretty much the highest leader for Gulu District. And what’s on the agenda? Primary school education in Gulu district and how we can help improve it. My lovely friend Tessa choreographed the meeting – a pretty radical Kiwi volunteer who is in Gulu working with local government.

So far our READ for Life team has been working very closely with Gulu municipal primary schools – there’s about 75 primary schools in Gulu municipal, and that means the schools in town, within a few kilometres from the centre of town. Gulu District, however, is the wider area within Gulu and includes more than 200 primary schools and certainly schools that need a LOT of support with results much lower than municipal schools and a much higher demand for teacher training.

Please pray that the meeting will happen! That the LC5 will make it. That we can share honestly and openly with him about the challenges teachers and children face here within education and how we can equip and empower teachers to improve education in Gulu District. It’s the first step, but hopefully a great one!

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