After a long time (over a year) working with incredible volunteer writers, a talented local illustrator and designer, we have finally completed our first phonics early readers for Uganda! Here’s five readers comprised of short easily decodable stories. The stories slowly get harder with each book. Think: Biff & Chip/Janet & John of Uganda 🙂

We were fortunate to partner with NGO African Revival which funded the illustration and design work. Now – Set 1 books are complete! Set 2 are still in the design stages…

It’s a bitter sweet moment where I am absolutely thrilled that these books are out! African Revival has printed hundreds of copies for their partners schools in neighbouring districts which we are also helping with training. For the next three weeks we will be helping them to train teachers in how to best use these readers in the classroom. How incredible will it be to see children read these books in class! And the exciting bit is these children will be able to read these books independently! We have already given them the skills to become independent readers (at least for the words in these stories anyway).

The bitter side is that we haven’t even made our own print run yet to get these books in Gulu municipal schools, the main schools we are working with. Planning to hit some literacy trusts soon to hopefully subsidise the costs for local schools. Will update you on the journey…


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