“Teacher Jody, thank you for loving Uganda! I now realise that teaching is my call and I’m going to be a great teacher.”

This comment was said to me yesterday by the lovely Teacher Aidah from JENGA working in Mbale, eastern Uganda. She said it towards the end of a three-day training for teachers from across Uganda who travelled to Gulu for our training in the new Connect Education Centre. Eighty five teachers travelled from all over Uganda to learn new ways of teaching reading and writing to children. Some teachers even travelled two days to get here from near the Tanzanian border! I felt extremely encouraged after Aidah’s comments. Aidah is being mentored by the lovely Rhonda Smith, a UK teacher volunteering with Jenga in Mbale. Rhonda and her team will be partnering with us; working with local schools in Mbale on improving teachers skills in teaching reading and writing. Exciting to develop this partnership!

Rhonda gave Aidah a copy of my teaching manual last night and after many many thank yous, Aidah said:

“This is the next best book to the Bible!”

Well maybe not quite true, but certainly flattering 🙂

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