Tomorrow we begin our biggest training yet!

Over four days we will train 333 teachers in how to teach reading and writing in both English and local language. Thankfully we are splitting into 2 groups, so very roughly 170 teachers for two days, then another 170 for the next two days. Breaking down further into groups of a little under 60 for morning teaching sessions, then smaller groups again in the afternoon for practice team teaching and resource making.

There’s a few firsts:

  • Biggest group
  • First time to teach Acholi phonics
  • First time to bring in other local teachers to help us with the training (ones we have worked with a lot in schools)

Please pray for all the facilitators involved, that it goes smoothly, we are well received, teachers pick it up quickly and we have a great training!

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  1. Jan says:

    Well done Jodes! What a great effort and who would have thought??? When we make it back that way I’ll come and do some teaching on additional needs! All the very best to you all!

    • Who would have thought exactly! You are certainly welcome to do some teaching on additional needs! We need it here 🙂 How are you guys? Missing you all, sending much love! xxx

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