Earlier days and happier times with these pigs… before swine fever.

Maintaining a hobby is not easy in Gulu… well my type of hobby anyway.

As many of you would know, I grew up on a farm and enjoy farming, primarily animal husbandry. After a couple of years of being here I bought four red cows. Just for a little bit of fun. And kept them at a friend’s place with other cattle. Anyway, after three years I still haven’t had a single calf out of four cows. After two years I was told four calves died which was quite surprising. After another year my mate said they calved so I thought: I’m going to move them. So I get out there and there’s no calves. I am again told that they have died. So… I moved four cows: three red ones and a white one. After I questioned where the other red one had gone my friend’s reply was: “Oh yeah, I slaughtered it, here’s the replacement.”

Second attempt of a hobby – which was also my work but I really enjoyed it – was a piggery. I built two good sized piggeries. After breeding for a couple of years and reaching a point where it was almost sustainable and being happy with the quality… we get smashed with the worst disease known to pigs – African swine fever. There is no preventative treatment and there is definitely no cure when you have it. A lot died and what remained we had to slaughter and bury – over 60 pigs.

Number three. I blogged about this before: but a friend and I were going into partnership to try and slaughter cows for big days like Christmas, New Year, etc. We bought two bulls in the lead up to Christmas and they were stolen a few weeks beforehand.

And now number four. The most recent. I have three sheep that I was hoping to breed with because sheep isn’t a popular meet here but it is my favourite. Two females and a male. Unfortunately the pen door was left open during the night and a pack of dogs came and killed and ate the female.

On all of those occasions, each one has been out of control – I am relying on other people. But that’s the way it is, where I live I don’t have enough space to keep any of these.

I’m currently looking for a new hobby, lol.


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  1. Diane Parsons says:

    Really feeling for you with all these setbacks. May God inspire you with new ideas and encourage you. Are there any solutions to the problem of swine fever? Once it hits does this render the area at risk of recurrence if you were to start again?

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