Today is International Women’s Day. Feeling a little reflective on women in Uganda, how strong and resilient they are; yet how often they are not valued, appreciated and loved as they should be.

After a somewhat emotional conversation with our neighbour last night, this morning she returned with her belongings to store them in one of our rooms until she moves back to her family. She is one of three wives and her husband has asked her to leave. What is the reason? After many years of marriage she has ‘failed to produce’. I hear this happening too often in our parts. Breaks you, there is nothing you can do to ‘fix’ this problem. Also makes you appreciate parts of your worldview where women are valued for far more than their reproductive ability.

Please pray for women in Uganda. Pray that regardless of their current situation, they will remain strong and know the love of their true Father. Pray for Ugandan men, that they would learn to love their wives as Christ loves the Church.

NB: This is not the situation for all Ugandan husbands and wives, but nonetheless is a common occurrence. 

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