Let’s just say I was a little grumpy yesterday. We hadn’t had any water for more than a week. That’s me on my white-privilege horse neighing that. For the past week we have lived a little like 90% of the population around us, except for it wasn’t us lugging the 20-litre jerry cans of water from the bore hole, we had people helping us do that. (I almost don’t think my local friends wouldn’t allow me anyway, take one look at me: You can’t lift that, you’re too weak, let me help you). Nevertheless, we have been rationing our water big time and now I’m longing to stand under a shower!

The shower came yesterday afternoon when we received a package of books for Myron from Dan’s awesome cousins in the UK. You guys rock! Since Myron has arrived we have received a smattering of lovely packages from our dear friends and some family members and it is so so encouraging to receive. And books – our favourite! There’s only a handful of children’s storybooks available in Gulu so we were pretty stoked to receive these latest editions. I don’t know who was more excited, Myron or me! Looking forward to story time this week.  Books

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