I felt like doing the biggest ‘happy dance’ today after observing two lessons in one of our local nursery schools. Teachers had attended our training sessions on more creative teaching practises and were very keen to show me how they had adapted their teaching. I was absolutely blown away to see 60 three-year-olds painting in one room; and then 110 four-year-olds in one room completing one of four ‘stations’: local clay station working on letters and shapes; a gluing station gluing seeds and popcorn onto templates of pictures and letters; a fine gross motor skills station with water; and an imaginative free play/music station led by one of the teachers.

This is one reason why I love being here 🙂

I left feeling completely encouraged and motivated to continue work with local teachers, not only on improving literacy standards, but in more creative teaching practises. It’s possible and oh so wonderful when you see it in action.


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