This week we started recording The Fun of Phonics songs at a local recording studio – exciting! It was a little bit of a slow start: me calling some local friends and friends of friends to help with the recording. My ‘big idea’ was to have a morning rehearsal with everyone at church and then go to the studio in the afternoon. We started gathering ‘slowly’ on Friday morning, then Rachel (my incredible intern from CVAP) and I started teaching the songs. Perspective: Rachel and I had spent a considerably long time over the past couple of weeks writing standardised notation for these songs. There were some long mornings in local coffee shops singing about goats, fish, monkeys, etc, and singing over and over until we hit the right pitch and could get it on paper. We wanted to do this first before Teacher Catherine would then transcribe this into local notation for our revised teaching manuals.

So… we spent the morning at church practising, it took me a lot of effort to track down a drum, the local harps were readily available and then finally in the afternoon we went to the studio. Isaac, from my church, works at PACTA – a recording studio which is part of a community based organised working with alcoholics. Long story short – Isaac is amazing! He put down the melody first on the computer after Rachel, Catherine and I sang to him – he was incredible! Taking minutes to note down each song (rather than our hours!). We should have gone straight to the studio and just took directions from him – why on earth did I think I knew any better?

So after two days, we are part-way through the recording. It is taking a lot longer than I anticipated, however I am quite excited with what the end product will sound like.


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  1. Jan Wekesa says:

    Wow! You are a super star! What great things you are achieving there. Can’t wait to catch up with you at the end of the year/ beginning of next?

    I was looking up somethings for work the other day and came across the site http://www.the it is full of great ideas and templates for games.

    Hope you’re both well. See you within a few months! xo

    • Hey Jan! Lovely to hear from you and thanks for the encouragement. I will check that link out. When are you guys back here? We are taking the bus to Malindi tomorrow and then flying to Malindi. A much needed holiday! How are you guys doing? Chat soon and hopefully see you this side! Xxx

  2. Jen Spencer says:

    You are amazing and awesome all rolled into one! That makes you amazome…or is it awezing….whatever you choose I am so proud of you Jodes!

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