After more than two years I was finally given an ‘Acholi name’: Lakica (one who is merciful) – I’ll take that! What a lovely name 🙂

Dan’s Acholi name is Olara (meaning ‘saved’ as in ‘I saved/helped’ somebody).


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  1. Jen Spencer says:


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    • Thanks Jen 🙂 Didn’t mention that Dan rejected the last name I was given ‘Aber’ which means ‘good’. Every mzungu we know around here is called ‘Aber’: our American neighbour is Aber, good Kiwi friend is Aber, so we he thought we can’t all be Aber! They didn’t take offence, just thought it was funny. But I think Lakica is much nicer! xx

  2. Philip Watson says:

    When are you off on holiday?

    • We head off next Monday (17th). Bus from Gulu to Kampala, then another bus from Kampala to Nairobi, then a flight to Malindi (the coast). Looking forward to the end destination 🙂

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