In a little over a month, schools all over the world will be celebrating International LiteracWLF-LOGO-copyy Day (September 8). I am quite excited that the World Literacy Foundation has decided to partner with me and try and raise funds for the phonics project I am working on here in Uganda. The foundation has written an article about the work I am doing here and is raising funds online. You can find the article by going to the World Literacy Foundation’s website and checking out the ‘Our Projects‘ page – the phonics project is the first one listed on the page.

Alternatively, you can click here to go straight to the article. LastLogoBigDate

It would be lovely if you read the article and also quite awesome if you felt like you wanted to support the project by making a donation for the resources.

Thanks World Literacy Foundation!
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  1. Diane Parsons says:

    This is great, you have worked so hard and been inspirational for the teachers and made learning fun for the students. We feel really proud of you and Praise God for the skills He has given you but above all that you’re willing to be used in this way. What a testimony the work you are both doing is. Love Mark & Di x

    • Hey Mark and Di, thanks so much for this beautiful, encouraging message! It really is exciting to see how things are working out here, and the progress slowly being made in schools. I am also so glad that you guys can journey with us in this! See you over here soon! Lots of love, Dan and Jodes xxx

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