‘Realising that what we say is our religion may not actually be our religion is a devastating realisation. We have swapped biblical worldview that placed our hope in a God who is active in our world for the seemingly immediate and tangible world-view of troublewithparishyperconsumerism. We keep our faith lives in the back of the closet to pull out on Sundays. Hyperconsumerism is what we really place our faith in to deliver a meaningful and fulfilled life in the here and now. Just look at the way in which the message of the church has become subverted by hyper-consumerism. Today’s salvation message sounds more like “self-help” than “die to self.” For many, the gospel becomes a vehicle to deliver the good life promised by hyperconsumerism.’

That is an excerpt from The Trouble With Paris by Mark Sayers. I was recommended by a wise friend to read this book as part of my preparation of ‘re-entering’ my home country. You always learn more about your culture when you leave it. And in reading this, I need to learn more about who I am and possibly who do I want to be (and not want to be).

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