A dear friend of mine in Gulu wrote this blog today – very similar to my Gulu Unplugged series. It helps us all to understand life and frustrations behind the scenes and how things are so much more complicated than what they seem! Pray for Tess and her community work in Gulu 🙂


Wakonye Kenwa Part 2

After one of the first meetings of our farmers co-op, several members asked me accusingly, where was the bottled water?

Our group Wakonye Kenwa asked the local football club, what community problems do you care about, what needs change? They drafted a list for us: new uniforms, boots, and a new football.

Another village savings group asked us, are you bringing us a loan? Some chickens? No? Well then don’t waste our time with questions about ‘community issues’

This kind of thinking is the source of ‘Wakonye Kenwa’s deepest struggles. For years and years during the war, communities packed into squalid, cramped ‘camps’ relied on aid. In the final years and aftermath of war, in flooded the international aid groups, and up sprouted a hoard of community groups feeding on foreign funds. If you attend one of their workshops or trainings on ‘peace building’…

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