Goodbye Uganda! After 18 months serving with The East African Missionary Society it is time for this chapter of our lives to end. Thank you to all our dear friends for sharing this journey with us. We have learnt a lot, had some pretty incredible experiences and met some very inspiring people.
 Some of our highlights include: teaching teachers and seeing the fruits of this in the classrooms; assisting to hire some ‘top notch’ staff at the church site in Layibi; harvesting groundnuts and literally seeing the fruits from the labour; finishing construction of vocational training classrooms; hearing some of our local friends talk about how their thinking is changing, especially in regards to how they should treat their wife and children; and our incredible awesome house group who we have laughed with, cried with, challenged each other and journeyed together as we have discussed living in community, marriage and what it looks like to serve Christ in this nation – it was possibly harder to leave you four behind than anything else!
We have learnt a lot from working with the Acholi people of northern Uganda and particularly been inspired by the local people’s resilience – it is unbelievable how they can ‘spring back’ after such atrocities and can remain focused, joyful and forward-looking aUganda_DJmidst a world where life can often by ‘short and cheap’.
The first innings is over; please pray for us as we plan for the second innings and look at how we can best serve God with the gifts he has given us.
We are heading for a ‘tea break’ to the UK and Australia. I feel that this announcement needs to come with some sort of disclosure statement which will read something like: ‘Warning: in transition from host country to home country, possibly fragile and with erratic emotions’. Apologies in advance.

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