Immigration: No stamp... no envelope

Scenario: Have almost all the paperwork ready to apply for a permit to stay longer. In meantime, need to apply for a visa extension while we get paperwork sorted.
Immigration officer: “I would give you an extension but I can’t, I don’t have a stamp. Stamp is over. Stamp has been over for the last month, so don’t wait for it.”
Daniel: “Well what do we do?”
Immigration officer: “Write a letter explaining you need your visa extended, will send it to Kampala on the bus with your passports.”
(We arrive the next day with our letter)
Immigration officer, 45 minutes late to work, arrives, checks letter, says it is ok.
Immigration officer: “We have run out of envelopes” (gets a sheet of old newspaper and wraps up our passports with visa money and bus fare inside)
Daniel: “And the letter?”
Immigration officer: “Oh yeah, forgot about that.”(Opens up newspaper passport package, inserts letter in with passports and staples newspaper together.)
Immigration officer: “Should be back next Friday.”
(Knock at the door).
Immigration officer: “You are finished”.

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  1. Passports arrived back, on Friday, just like they said they would. Why did I ever doubt? Only have a 30-day visa extension. Need to apply for a volunteer work permit asap – please pray as we get all our documents together and travel down to Kampala soon to get this done! x

  2. Leah says:

    Hope it goes smoothly….praying for you guys

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