Operation a success!

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support re: Ojok Christopher and his operation on his feet. I spoke to his sister tonight and from what I understand (in broken English both ends…) the operation was a success! I believe they have already operated on both feet and he will stay in hospital for about 4 months for recovery. Ojok Christopher is a P6 pupil at my school, Layibi Techo, who has ‘Club Foot’. He has been like this since birth. A UK-based charity funded the operation costs, he just needed a little help getting it all organised. Let’s pray for a good recovery! Keep you posted 🙂

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  1. Only just found out that the operation was not a success after all. There was a bit of a language barrier when I initially spoke to Ojok Christopher’s sister. Christopher has sadly refused to have the operation. He is worried about the pain and that he won’t get better. Heard a few bad stories from some other patients beforehand while in preparation for the operation. Had a meeting with Christopher, his guardian, medical staff and the school head teacher, but at the moment he doesn’t want to have the operation… It’s his decision now…

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