When the inspectors come and you are to be observed this is what we do: all children to put up their hand, right hand if they know the answer, left hand if they don’t; tell them you will say any name and even if you don’t get their name right they are to answer (because they expect you to know every child’s name); you can’t hit them then so for one stubborn one I trod on his foot while I was teaching; or you can pinch them in their side when inspector not looking

Ugandan teachers

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  1. cassie says:

    I like the left hand, right hand trick, lol…pretty clever! The installing of good values of honesty and integrity…hmmm. The realness and simplicityof how to go about the inspection I like though, it’s got kind of an innocence to it. Now only if I could apply those tactics to patients when the NUM comes around 🙂 You’re up dates are great!! Keeping you guys in my prayers, love Cassie

  2. Mark Tatton says:

    I laughed hard enough that a little bit of wine came out my nose.

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