Oasis of cleanliness amongst the litter

You don’t have to walk far in Gulu to find litter. Welcome to our disposable society where plastic glasses, beer/liquor sachets, plastic bags, milk cartons and literally anything that was consumed seconds ago is thrown to the ground. In fact it is a hard task to find rubbish bins that are accessible! Ironically though, the mess that greets you on the street is a far cry to how clean and sanitary conscious locals are within their homes. Every morning locals sweep inside and outside their modest mud huts or cement houses – they even sweep the dirt road out the front! And they meticulously wash their hands – always before AND after eating – do we in the west do that? It is no wonder I received a cheer from my neighbour when sweeping the verandah, she was probably glad this ‘slob’ from the west was finally taking pride in her home!

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  1. Elle says:

    Wow full on hey. How sad that rubbish is one of the most noticeable imports from ‘western’ society on the roads 😦 That all that plastic just gets chucked after it’s used.

    Love the hand twig broom – is that what you use too Jodes? xx

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