Yesterday I went to meet my new head teacher at my new primary school – Grace at Layibi Techo Primary School. I learnt that I will be teaching English to P6 and P7 students – equivalent to around year 5 and year 6 students. Numbers are a little sketchy at the moment (results and new enrolments still coming in).  Last year there were two P5 classes of around 100 students in each class. This year there will only be one P6 class. Depending on how many children repeat, stay in school and new enrolments, there could be up to 200 students in one class! Eich! Classrooms here are certainly no bigger than UK or Oz, possibly smaller. I thought I was up for the challenge but now slightly worried… can I teach that many children?  And when does crowd control become teaching? When children learn? Many children here fail and have to repeat, it is no wonder why… I was thinking that I will hopefully be able to bring some new insights to teachers here, but I think managing that many children I will be learning a lot from the locals! School starts February 4th.

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