At the borehole (well)

Helping to undo some pipes to investigate why the borehole is not working…

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  1. Sook says:

    Daniel trying soooo hard to look manly, as usual! But to not much avail.

  2. Elle says:

    Why is there barbed wire around the borehole, does it get locked up? Wondering how important a water source is, & whether people get barred from it somehow? Love the pic! xx

    • Hey El, you are very observant! Borehole is open most of the day. A gatekeeper sits out the front and helps to manage it. She collects a small amount of money from families to help with the maintenance of the borehole (about 30c a month) and also makes sure everyone uses it correctly. It may look basic, but if you don’t use it properly it can cause a lot of damage. It gets locked up at night time. Borehole and water is extremely important for people here. Anything of importance gets locked up at night – you should see the size of our gate 🙂

      • Elle says:

        Cool, makes sense. So what happens at night that everything gets locked up against? Gang stuff, alcohol, vandalism?

  3. Jen Spencer says:

    So what was the verdict?

  4. Anna O'Neill says:

    Hiya Guys, have just seen your video so I now know its working. Great job! x

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