Here's the beast!

Here is the long-awaited vehicle – very exciting! A huge thanks to everyone who helped make this car possible! A Toyota Hilux twincab. Dan got it from Kampala this week. Drove back at night – and what a drive that was! Not only did he dodge the crater-sized pot-holes but it was also a challenge to see (let alone avoid) the many pedestrians walking along the roadside that seemed to blend into the night. The speedometer had been wound back (I thought you just read about these things), mechanic spotted that – so a good reason for a discount in price! Perfect timing with some building work around the corner on site and the wet season looming.

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  1. Yee Tuk Lau says:

    Hi Dan and Jody, Wooh hooh!! So pleased you got your set of wheels at last and it looks cool :). John says that he Loves this truck ( has tried to persuade me in the past of how useful one could be in ruislip !) so it must be a good one.

    Happy trucking

    Love Yee Tuk xx

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    • A must in Ruislip for yummy mummies 🙂 Yep, we have been happy trucking indeed! Now, it will be perfect to carry water in, no way I am carrying on my head! Our house just ran out of water…. love from this end – D&Jxx

  2. Diane Parsons says:

    Hi Dan and Jodes it looks like a good vehicle. We’ve just been in Beulieu today as part of a weekend away and went to motor museum the Top Gear crew tried to destroy a Hilux and failed! It seemed to withstand all manner of punishment so hope your’s lives up to this. Great to see you Thursday. Love Diane

    • That’s encouraging to hear! And believe you me, we have been giving it a bit of a hammering already on these roads! Holding up well. The true test I think will be in the wet season, you will be here to experience that and test drive it with us 🙂 Yes, great to see you on Thursday. Hopefully chat soon. Love D&J xxx

  3. Anna O'Neill says:

    Nice car:-) x

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