After being ‘locked out’ of Australia and putting our travel plans on hold for one and a half years, we are finally on our way to Australia!

It’s been more than three years since we last visited our friends and family and now the time has finally arrived.

The past month has been slightly hectic (well that’s an understatement). Dan organised the reroofing of our big hut before leaving (what an upheaval and enormous project that was), and of course there’s been lots of handing over meetings, last-minute trainings and Dan has been leading the renovations of a new compound for Myron’s new school to move into while we are away – a mad dash to finish before we leave. 

But we’ve had our goodbyes, which included an incredible acrostic poem/song from the READ for Life/Connect team and cards for both us and our families. 

We are just left with the journey ahead. 

We are excited to see family, friends, the beach and eat lots of cheddar cheese (and prawns) and excited for Myron to create some new memories with our family/friends. It’s been a long time. 

I also want to apologise in advance for… breaking down in tears after visiting a supermarket; freaking out walking past a toy shop, freezing when there is too many choices or being quiet during conversations (when I am secretly just holding myself together). 

Ready or not… hear we come…

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  1. Julia Williams says:

    Fabulous news. Safe travels

  2. Rhon Gillis says:

    Wonderful news… can’t wait to see you. X

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