Our compound is covered in big bundles of grass. And those big bundles of grass are being re-bundled into little bundles – why? That’s going to be our new roof.

Estimates are we will need about 1200 large bundles of grass for a new roof. We have about 500 (that was two truckloads from the village). While the lads are outside re-bundling, life is still like normal inside. However when the bundles are complete, our current grass roof will be removed and the new one will go up: a little rearranging will be required on the inside, and a few tarpaulins to go around some furniture. The whole process may take about three weeks. Not sure how many of those days we will squeeze into Myron’s bedroom (since he has a floorboard ceiling and our loft-bedroom is directly under the grass roof).

The leaks have slowly been getting bigger in our current roof so… it’s time. And we need to make sure it’s replaced before the next wet season is here.

For those who know our house, it’s going to be an epic job. We literally call our place the ‘big hut’, everyone does, but that’s a slight understatement – it’s a gorgeous double-storey, grass-thatched hut just out of town. And this ‘big hut’ is about to get a makeover.

The ‘large bundles’ of grass waiting to be re-bundled into smaller bundles.
The smaller bundles of grass… soon to be our new roof.

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