This has possibly been the most beautiful and encouraging thing I have read all year:

Two of our education radio programs were being recorded every day by secondary students in South Sudan (yes – it even reached that far!) and used to teach a group of 12 children in their community.

Charles and James wrote their appreciation on the READ for Life Facebook page. I was quite surprised that they were listening in South Sudan, so I probed a little further.

Here’s Charles’ response:

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  1. Rachel Geiger says:

    Amazing. I love the line, ” we are have been called teachers even if we are students”. I’m so glad that the program has had such an impact. Well done Jody and team!

  2. Jan Buchanan says:

    Wow, that’s so encouraging to hear, Jody! Particularly that these boys are doing this completely out of their own initiative. For a few years now, at our school in South Sudan, due to a lack of competent local adult teachers, we have been using the more advanced students (who are in primary grades 5 to 7, aged mid to late teens) to teach two of the lower grades, and it has been working. Learning is taking place, and the “junior teachers” reinforce their own knowledge through teaching, not to mention developing many other useful skills. Of course there are challenges, but overall it works out well.

    • WOW – thanks so encouraging to hear about your ‘junior teachers’. That’s brilliant! Have they been able to keep teaching and learning during this crazy COVID year? I really hope so!

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