Wednesday was our final day of radio programs for 2020 – phew! What a year of radio!

Wednesday was our 618th radio lesson since March! It was a pre-recorded lesson for West Nile region in Uganda, recorded mostly for refugee children in the settlement camps. Although we pre-recorded the lesson, a READ for Life staff member was able to connect live on the phone with children calling in to answer questions – the children calling were able to answer all the questions well!

Our Gulu-based live lessons ended on Friday and Saturday at three radio stations. We were fortunate enough to have four different children join us in each of the studios (sometimes in shifts for social distancing reasons). The children did some beautiful reading on air, were able to share advice, answer questions and share their testimonies about how the radio programs have helped them learn during the period of school closure this year. It was somehow a bitter-sweet end. Bitter: of course it is sad to say goodbye to our learners on air. Sweet: we need to rest before 2021…To close the programs off we were also able to present prizes to children for regularly calling in and contributing to the radio programs.

We also want to thank all our sponsors, donors and contributors to the programs – Connect Education Centre, Save the Children, African Revival, Radio Maria, Radio Pacis, Mega FM, Old Mzee Books, Enjuba, Oasis Book Project, Pangea Education and many individual sponsors who made this possible but also a success!

Millions of children tuned in every day to listen. It was a privilege to serve practically during this period of school closure!

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