We are now bringing stories and education to the airways every single day of the week during the closure of schools in northern Uganda! And it began tonight, with read alouds in English and Acoli (local language) at Mega FM studios.

I read Handsome Hog in English – no photos or video of that – sorry,  however a colleague did record part of it. Click below to listen :

Sam, one of my colleagues at Connect Education Centre, joined me in the studio and read The Cat and the Rat in Acoli (local language). You can see a photo below, as well as a short video clip of him reading below that.

After reading we had the opportunity to share about the importance of reading aloud, and answer phone calls from the public who rang in with some very good questions. It was a great time and we look forward to returning to Mega FM studios next Sunday!

In the meantime, we will be debuting on Radio Pacis tomorrow and each day from Monday to Saturday to share a wider range of educational areas such as teaching children how to read, mathematics, more reading aloud and advice to parents. We are very blessed to have this time on the radio when schools are closed. Pray for wide radio coverage and a big impact in households.

Mega read aloud

Sam from Connect Education Centre reading The Cat and the Rat published by education NGO Pangea Education. 


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