microphone in radio studioWherever you are around the world it is likely that your schools have closed (or about to close). Schools in Uganda closed one week ago and our office closed two days ago.

Unlike other countries around the world, online learning is not an option for children in northern Uganda. However, I’m extremely excited to announce that we are bringing learning to homes across the Acholi sub-region over the radio! We have secured a prime-time spot on Radio Pacis (101.4FM), one of the local radio stations, to have 45 minutes of teaching on the radio every week day from 10am to 11am (after the news) during the period of school closure.

I have just drafted our radio content for the first episode, about to meet with one of my colleagues to discuss it, and then meeting with the presenter at the studio to prepare for Monday. We will have two READ for Life staff each day on air teaching reading, writing, mathematics, reading aloud and giving parents advice on how they can help with children’s education at home.

The station is also giving us a weekly Saturday slot to focus on reading aloud and supporting younger children’s education from home. And another station is giving us a one-hour slot on Sundays for read aloud in both English and Acholi. So we have every day of the week covered!

Go to the Radio Pacis’ website to find out how you can tune in online.

Pray that we can bridge the gap in learning and for listeners to tune in!

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  1. Jen Spencer says:

    This is truly miraculous! You are a wonderful champion of education young Jody!

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