It’s FREEZING! But we’re here!

Excited to report that a few days in Myron has settled in wonderfully to visiting England (he’s already told us he wants to live with one of our friends and we can go back to Gulu alone – so clearly all your prayers must be working!)

Myron has possibly adjusted better than us to the weather – can’t quite remember it ever being this cold! We are walking around like catalogue pictures donning our friends’ wardrobes: brilliantly kitted out by about four people and three charity shops 🙂

Have tried to ease in slowly, as slowly as can be when that includes a trip to see Paddington on Ice at Winter Wonderland. Although I think a visit to Waterstone’s book store is also high on the highlights so far too. And finally Dan can say he has been on the dodgem cars with Myron (he was pipped at the post for this claim to fame by his cousin and uncle a year ago in Australia).


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  1. Shirley says:

    So happy for’s freezing!! Have you had fish n chips yet?😘

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