Tonight we fly to the UK! This will be Myron’s first trip to England and second time to leave Uganda. It has been a little over three years since I visited the UK and connected with my UK friends, and five years for Daniel!

We feel we have three primary places of ‘connection’: Uganda, Australia and England, a reflection of our somehow-nomadic life. We are stretched over three continents but are really looking forward to reconnecting with many close friends over the next month.

Last year when we visited Australia Myron found this particularly challenging – understandable with so many new things to see and experience! We are sure Myron will also find England a little challenging and possibly over-stimulating. In an attempt to prepare him for this new adventure we have made a little cardboard book to introduce him to some of the people we will see in England. As we prepare for our journey can you please join us in praying for Myron: for minimal tantrums and meltdowns and for a smooth journey and holiday. They he may feel safe, for incredible resilience and that he will handle the change very well.


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