Myron gets some sidewalk chalk and announces that he is going to draw a family picture on the kitchen floor. He starts with himself (of course) and then starts drawing what he calls his future sister. “This is going to be my new baby sister,” he says. After completing the family picture (complete with boxing gloves for us to punch the ‘bad sun’) he asks if he could have a sister. I tell Myron he will have to talk to God about that one. So then he prays to God for a little sister to join our family.

We have ‘knocked on some doors’, also prayed about it, but leaving it in God’s hands.



Daddy (on the left) with the ‘biggest head’ and ‘biggest eyes’ in the family, then Mummy with her ‘big head’, the future sister (prayed and drawn by Myron) and then Myron. 

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