Shabbat Wooden Letterpress Concept

A Nazi soldier wrote to his commander and said: “here’s what we have learnt. We have learnt that if we can disturb the Sabbath of the Jews then they lose all their confidence and hope… Because whenever the Jews keep the Sabbath it’s like they get their spirits back.”

Over the past couple of months we have been learning, as a house group and also as a family, how to practice the Sabbath. The quote above challenged me during listening to one of the sermon podcasts on my morning jog yesterday. We have been increasingly challenged and stretched during our years living in Gulu, and of late this elastic band seems to be losing its elasticity. But it is the Sabbath that is keeping us ‘somewhat grounded’ and allowing us to enter the week from a place of rest.

We have been personally challenged and refreshed from establishing a Sabbath in our family life (which we celebrate on a Monday). We are still working out exactly how this looks best for our family, but lately the ingredients seem to be a jog, reading the Bible together, listening to worship music and a podcast, a swim, a ‘thank you God’ impromptu yoga session, yummy food, a family jigsaw, and no shopping, screens or work.

We have posted this before, but if you wanted to also listen to any of the Sabbath series from Bridgetown Church in Portland, US (I love that we can listen to sermons from all over the world whilst jogging through our local village), then click here.

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 10.09.23 pm

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