It has almost clocked one week exactly since we touched down on Australian soil – the first time in four years. The lady of the hour was certainly Elyce Unterrheiner – Dan’s sister who married on Saturday. Dan, Myron and I were honoured to be involved in the day: I was a bridesmaid, Myron was a page boy and Dan was the MC with an apparent South African accent. We are still reeling from this day, possibly surviving on adrenalin but just so blessed and thankful that we made it here just in time. It was an absolutely stunning wedding on the Unterrheiner farm, and without a doubt the two highlights (apart from the beautiful bride of course) was Hannah Unterrheiner’s matron of honour speech and ‘flash dance’ with Dan taking a lead role; and the originally decorated surroundings with a vintage-like feel and ‘grazing table’ fit for royalty.

It has been an incredible reunion with family members and friends and I am completely blown away with the marvellous welcome Myron has received, along with how incredibly well he is fitting in with everyone and adjusting to such a foreign environment! He’s hit it off smashingly with his cousins, and already bossing some of them them around. Looking forward to many more firsts (can already tick off vacuum cleaners, carpet, seeing the beach, sniffer dogs, crabs, and eating squid and lamb!)

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