We booked our flights on Thursday but never received our E-Ticket or booking confirmation.

Over the past few days I have spent many hours talking to staff from South African Airways trying to get to the bottom of the issue to no avail. I was told by the Ugandan team just to come into their office (5 hours from Gulu) to sort it out. Drop in hours before flying? Like I believed that one. I continued to call multiple staff members: South African head office; then Perth office. We were told the booking was not paid for even though we had confirmation from credit card statements that the money had left the account.

We prayed and I was extremely anxious about the flights. But we just left the South African Airways office in Kampala and they were right – they sorted it all out! They knew it was us as we walked in, had the manager informed and on stand-by waiting.

We now have our tickets in our hands – praise God for answered prayer! We left the South African Airways office with a big hug from ‘Milcah’ who sorted it all; along with her business card and a request to meet up when we return to Uganda.

And now on our way to the airport to catch a flight that leaves in a little less than 5 hours.

See you soon Australia! Now we can get excited! Xx

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  1. Shirley Crawford says:

    Phew….taken to the wire AGAIN!
    This is going to be one incredible trip..please take LOADS of pics,to remember the challenges you have overcome😘xx

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