Yesterday morning we finally had time, space and were alone. So… the three of us sat down (Dan, Myron and I) and I read Myron his life story book, aptly named ‘All About Myron’. So excited to report that the reading and introducing Myron to ‘his story’ went really well! It was a little hard when I came to one page which read:

Myron_book2“Myron didn’t come from Mummy’s tummy. He came from another lady’s tummy, but we think she wasn’t able to look after Myron, so she left him by a road for a kind policeman to find…” 

No tears, no choking back, we made it through!

However we were really impressed with how Myron took the story and how excited he is to have his own book. It’s named after him and has many pictures of him with us and his friends, so who wouldn’t love it! It’s much more than a scrapbook of photos, we have written a story to try to describe, in an age-appropriate way, the story of how Myron came to join our family. He certainly doesn’t understand everything yet, but his understanding is growing and it’s lovely to have all this information out in the open – an important part of the process for both us and Myron. When we drove past St Jude Children’s Home this morning (around the corner from our house) we did point it out again to Myron and said that was where he used to live before us. He currently thinks he was born there, but that’s ok. He did ask whose tummy he was in, but we said we didn’t know. He also asked a lot about which children lived with us before him, he found this one a little hard to comprehend, and thought it was a little odd that we were ‘alone’ in his words, before he came.

We are very thankful for the beginning of this narrative – thank you to everyone who has been a part of this journey with us and has prayed for this special milestone of the life story book introduction.


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