This week we were extremely blessed to have Fairfield Church pastor Chris Reveley and his lovely wife Lucy visit us. It’s hard to put into words how special it is when people from our lives ‘before Uganda’ come to see us here. We attended Fairfield Church when we lived in the UK, just before moving to Uganda about five and a half years ago.

Chris and Lucy made a detour on their 40th wedding anniversary trip to come out and see us – how awesome is that! We had three and a half days with them in Gulu and we soaked up all of that time! Along with visiting a few schools and The Recreation Project, we were able to dine in a local restaurant, chat whilst Myron had a swimming lesson, organise for Lucy to get a wrap skirt made by a local tailor (Fairfield attendees – please ask her to wear it, she’s a stunner in it!) but also share what life is really like for us in Gulu: like sitting in when I give feedback to a teacher (which was a little hard when my list of suggested improvements was a lot longer than my list of positives); keep guard as Dan rounds up pigs who have escaped their pens; and offer support and encouragement as I hear from my colleagues about challenges on the ground (when clearly I was on a 3-day ‘jolly’).

It was re-energising to hear some solid ‘Reveley’ advice and to be honest, a little teary when it came time to say goodbye! Of course we are grateful for the Hobnobs and the Cheddar cheese (not sure how grateful Dan is for Myron’s little Chelsea kit), but more importantly we feel so loved and are deeply thankful for this opportunity!

P.S. Myron’s life story book arrived and it looks great! Excited to sit and read it to him over the coming days when we have time and space…


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