We haven’t talked in our household about our skin colour being different; we wanted to wait until this came out naturally from Myron and see what he would say. Last week it came out in such a beautiful way during a couple of occasions. One was when I was reading a children’s story to Myron and one of the themes of the book was being different. At the end I asked him, is there anything about you that is different? “Yes, I’m black… but it’s good to be different.”
“My skin is like Uncle Mohammed’s” (and interestingly he was comparing himself to Mohammed, who works at a school about three hours away!)
He then says: “Your skin is white mummy, but daddy’s is a bit darker than yours.”

Last night I had a few more further reflection moments about our time with Myron and as a family. I remember when Myron first joined our family and how there were quite a few things that were really difficult: when he cried hours on end at sleep time, when he would go into tantrum mode when we didn’t give him what he wanted and the frustrations we both felt when we didn’t understand each other.

We have reached the moment I have been longing for! When we can express ourselves fully and understand each other (even to the point of Myron constantly talking in the car for hours on end); when Myron can go and visit someone or go to school but always know that he will come back to us and that we are a family. And when it’s bed time and he will be as quiet as a mouse (except to tell you to close the door because we are talking too loudly). We are finally there and loving it!


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