Myron: We can share because we’re friends… I’m sad because we’re taking Aunty Debs back to her home… Mummy, when are we going to go to England?

Yesterday in the wee hours of the morning we said goodbye to Aunty Debs who came to visit during her Easter school break. It was certainly a week and a half of work and play. Thankfully Debs is a teacher so I dragged her across the countryside (pretty literally) to help observe lessons, give feedback and encouragement, and also dabble in some teacher training. Certainly one of the most easy-going guests we have ever had.

Thanks Debs for visiting us! We will miss you, but so thankful that you finally came to see us and our crazy Gulu life.


A day trip to the Nile River for lunch.


ABOVE: A welcome song at one of the village Speed Schools Debs and I visited. Blown away by the welcome by the class music director.

oo sound teach acholi

Watching a pretty awesome local language reading lesson with schools we are working with.


Debs teaching a maths lesson at the READ for Life Nursery Teacher Training College.


One of the Speed School pupils leading his class.


Myron and Debs 🙂


Maths in action during Debs’ lesson at the college: counting beans.


In the middle of a lovely boat ride up the River Nile at Murchison Falls National Park.


Myron, Mr Elephant and Debs.


A Speed School teacher being resourceful and using his phone to play one of our recorded phonics songs during his lesson in a village school.

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