Screen Shot 2018-03-13 at 9.54.45 pm copyWhen there is nothing that you have to do and there’s no work pressing, what do you think about? And when you are in secret, what do you do with your solitude?

Those two questions kept on surfacing during a cracking (and challenging) sermon by Timothy Keller. Nope he didn’t make a guest visit to Gulu; it was courtesy of iTunes in our cosy house group.

One of the central themes of the sermon was the primacy of praise and how praise/adoration frames our thinking. I could talk more about it but… listen for yourselves (click here), it’s outdated in recording but not in content. And Keller says it way better than I ever could (I need to listen to it a couple more times).

And when I had a whole day to myself today what did I do? Crank out three lesson plans and take some notes for a new training. Great use of my time, well… in some ways. I’m challenged to look at my priorities and how I balance them. It starts now! Thanks to a recommendation from Ellie Tatton and a long-overdue Diane Parsons’ recommendation I finally got a Kindle version of  this devotional book: Choose Life: 365 Readings for Radical Disciples by Simon Guillebaud. Only three months in but… let’s go!


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