Many of our friends and relatives have given us advice to change our weekend – and this week we finally did it properly! Dan and I both teach on a Saturday (I teach at our nursery teacher training college and Dan teaches the piggery course at The Recreation Project); so instead of having a Saturday and Sunday weekend, we are having a Sunday and Monday weekend. And what do you do on a Monday in Gulu?

  • I went for a jog this morning
  • We went to the abandoned train carriage (which locals call scrap metal) at the Gulu Railway Station (which potentially hasn’t been used in at least a couple of decades)
  • We go out for ice cream at our favourite ice cream place in town to find there was no ice cream left (still on it’s way from Kenya). So… had cupcakes instead.
  • We pick out a few children’s DVDs from our favourite DVD shop in town. Just after we pick them out and the lady goes to copy them (only way to buy DVDs in Gulu); the power company cut off the shop’s power for not paying their bills. We tell her we will return later to collect them…
  • Dan and Myron head on a bike ride.
  • Myron and I bake some biscuits… and the day is not over yet!

It’s a flexible lifestyle living in Uganda 🙂





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